Fausto Barile

FAUSTO_profFausto Barile is a fantastic character that hides something special inside. Don’t be afraid, he’s always willing to show you his magical inner world.

If Pirandello said that we all wear a mask every day to act in life’s comedy, then Fausto can assure that, as well as the thousands of characters we have inside us, there is also a whole theatre!

fausto_prof_sxWe all know that inside our stomachs there is a boiling pot of thoughts, fears, moods and emotions. Fausto prefers to open his belly rather than his mouth; he unbuttons his coat and shirt to spread his belly wide open and reveal there’s a theatre with audience, stage, and lighting! And the show? It won’t be late. An “offspring” of curiosities, attractions, comical and poetic everyday actions: the Inside Theatre.

FAUSTO_end(Jonah escaped after three days in the whale’s stomach. Fausto will keep you just a few minutes, in a small quiet corner he will take you to another world).